HERZEL: New song online, Vinyl edition SOLD-OUT, repress on the way.

When we got at our office yesterday morning and switched on our computers we were shocked – in the most pleasant way – to find out that, only a few days after they were delivered from the plant, all of the Herzel LPs were completely sold out two weeks before the release-date!

We have no words to express how happy we feel. For the Herzel guys in the first place: Ion and his band mates are not only super-talented, passionate, hard-working artists, but also incredibly nice, down to earth people who have been a real pleasure to work with.

We are very thankful to all of you who supported the album, literally everywhere in the world.

And to the French warriors in particular (you guys are true maniacs!) for the unbelievable response to this awesome release.

Since we are still getting many requests for the LP we have decided to immediately reprint more vinyls, which should be in stock and ready to ship in late April.

Preorders for the repress (which will be on black vinyl and include poster, just like the first pressing) start today, on the occasion of Bandcamp’s no-fees Friday.

Congratulations Herzel! And thank you all, brothers of metal!





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