Underground Metal for Underground Maniacs!

Can you feel them? My hands have traveled far to meet you.
Through barren lands, fiery sand-blown hellscapes, ripping through the ethereal walls that confine space and time.
Callused and worn, these ancient gray hands bring that which you crave. Heaviness, power, speed, truth.
Your eyes grow wide as my fingertips slide around your pathetic neck.
A ringing reverberation creeps into the edges of your perception and we begin.
You gasp as the thrumming and thumping commence. Wild harmonies locked into galloping chaos. Thundering lines echoing through endless chasms.
Your pulse quickens as I grip harder. You reject the drivel that is hashed and rehashed but your bloodshot eyes are an easy read – you were not prepared for this.
I feel the familiar crack as your body falls limp and the crux of our test is here.
Your entity steps away from the languid earthly form and turns.

 Follow me to SCEPTRE.

Join my legion and travel to an alternate reality where true heavy metal lives on.
Where, amongst rivers of molten iron, the flame still burns bright.
An aberration filled both with heavenly delights and twisted eternal torment.
Come with me and blaze as a million suns… or return to your flesh suit and rot.

* * *

Gates Of Hell Records is proud to announce the signing of Washington State true metallers VISION MASTER. The label will release the band’s debut full-length, “Sceptre”, on August 25.
VISION MASTER comprises Reuben Storey (Christian Mistress, Lords of Quarmall, ex Funerot) on drums/bass and Dan Munro (ex Funerot) on vocals, guitar.
“Sceptre” was recorded at Storey and Munro’s home studios, Melted Universe in Snohomish, Washington and I.J.D. Studios in Olympia, Washington. Tony “Baloney” Jefferson provided additional
engineering. The album was later mastered by Justin Weis at TrakWorx studio.
The cover art was handled by Seventh Bell Artwork and is based on an experimental photographic collaboration between Dan and David Hoekje, revealing the Vision Master in his realm: “Between night and day, slumber and wakefulness, reality splits and the universe cracks asunder. This is the domain of the VISION MASTER.”

For fans of: Brocas Helm, Mercyful Fate, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, and cosmic horror.


  1. Wolves in the Shadows
  2. Wet Net
  3. Gossamer Sky
  4. Knife in a Velvet Glove
  5. Walls of Bone
  6. Sandstone
  7. Arc Terminal X
  8. Dust Within
  9. Beyond
  10. Thin Veil



LEGIONNAIRE “Dawn of Genesis”  is now available for online stream at band’s own BANDCAMP-page.

LPs and CDs are in stock and ready for shipping.
LP is available in regular black vinyl (limited to 350 copies) and white vinyl (limited to 150 copies). Vinyls include a download card.




We present you “Black Harbinger“, the first track taken off Legionnaire‘s debut album “Dawn of Genesis“!

This Finnish band’s music is based on powerful twin guitar harmonies, and medieval style epic melodies, with the lyrics influenced by ancient mythology, the middle ages, and also  by fictional themes such as Sci-Fi.

LEGIONNAIRE have a personal sound, though you can hear tons of influences in their  music: old Scandinavian Metal with classic NWOBHM-style galloping riffs and an overall epic feel that brings back to mind US metal bands such as Liege Lord, Brocas Helm and obscure US epic metal release from the mid 80s.

In a few words: traditional Heavy Metal!

“Dawn of Genesis” was mastered by Wicked Ischianus of Mausoleum Gate and will be out on 26/05/2017 on CD, LP and digital.

With bands like LEGIONNAIRE, Heavy Metal will never die!

 Recommended for fans of NWOBHM, Liege Lord, Brocas Helm, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, early German power/speed metal.