MEURTRIERES announce full album “Ronde De Nuit”!

Lyon, France’s Meurtrières has not strayed far from their original goal of writing old-school, epic heavy metal with medieval overtones on their newest effort, “Ronde De Nuit” to be released on August 25.
If anything, the band (consisting of new vocalist Fiona, the guitar tandem of Flo Spector and Olivier, bassist Xavier and drummer Thomas) has taken what they started on their well-received 2020 self-titled EP and added new layers of complexity and depth. It is the natural transition for a band gaining more confidence in its songwriting abilities.

Meurtrières wasted little time introducing new vocalist Fiona — the band started playing live shows and writing new material with her right after the release of the EP, thus, giving Meurtrières ample time to hone its new material. And Fiona fits the band’s hard-charging, gallant music like a glove, coming away with a stronghold of fiery, epic choruses — all sung in the Meurtrières’ native tongue.

The lyrical subject matter on Ronde De Nuit still spans the medieval domain but with increased emphasis on paintings by Rembrandt (The Night Watch) and Johann Heinrich (Füssli). The band aimed to make the songs “pictorial,” reflecting imaginary portraits to draw in the listener. Except for “Aucun Homme, Aucun Dogme, Aucune Croix” (which is a known French medieval legend about a real woman), the songs on Ronde De Nuit are based on fantasy with a desired fate: All the depicted characters are doomed to tragedy, for in the world of Meurtrières, there is no such thing as crowned kings and queens and even glorious warriors.

Artwork by Ivan Brun rounds out a package that perfectly ties in thematically with the desperate and dark themes of the lyrics. It is a fitting component to an album laced with stunning visuals and epic, old-school metal of the highest order!

Underground Metal for Underground Maniacs!

Can you feel them? My hands have traveled far to meet you.
Through barren lands, fiery sand-blown hellscapes, ripping through the ethereal walls that confine space and time.
Callused and worn, these ancient gray hands bring that which you crave. Heaviness, power, speed, truth.
Your eyes grow wide as my fingertips slide around your pathetic neck.
A ringing reverberation creeps into the edges of your perception and we begin.
You gasp as the thrumming and thumping commence. Wild harmonies locked into galloping chaos. Thundering lines echoing through endless chasms.
Your pulse quickens as I grip harder. You reject the drivel that is hashed and rehashed but your bloodshot eyes are an easy read – you were not prepared for this.
I feel the familiar crack as your body falls limp and the crux of our test is here.
Your entity steps away from the languid earthly form and turns.

 Follow me to SCEPTRE.

Join my legion and travel to an alternate reality where true heavy metal lives on.
Where, amongst rivers of molten iron, the flame still burns bright.
An aberration filled both with heavenly delights and twisted eternal torment.
Come with me and blaze as a million suns… or return to your flesh suit and rot.

* * *

Gates Of Hell Records is proud to announce the signing of Washington State true metallers VISION MASTER. The label will release the band’s debut full-length, “Sceptre”, on August 25.
VISION MASTER comprises Reuben Storey (Christian Mistress, Lords of Quarmall, ex Funerot) on drums/bass and Dan Munro (ex Funerot) on vocals, guitar.
“Sceptre” was recorded at Storey and Munro’s home studios, Melted Universe in Snohomish, Washington and I.J.D. Studios in Olympia, Washington. Tony “Baloney” Jefferson provided additional
engineering. The album was later mastered by Justin Weis at TrakWorx studio.
The cover art was handled by Seventh Bell Artwork and is based on an experimental photographic collaboration between Dan and David Hoekje, revealing the Vision Master in his realm: “Between night and day, slumber and wakefulness, reality splits and the universe cracks asunder. This is the domain of the VISION MASTER.”

For fans of: Brocas Helm, Mercyful Fate, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, and cosmic horror.


  1. Wolves in the Shadows
  2. Wet Net
  3. Gossamer Sky
  4. Knife in a Velvet Glove
  5. Walls of Bone
  6. Sandstone
  7. Arc Terminal X
  8. Dust Within
  9. Beyond
  10. Thin Veil


French Heavy metallers TENTATION To Release Ten-Year ‘Prémices’ Anthology

Torreilles, France heavy metalers TENTATION have commemorated their first ten years of existence with the Prémices anthology. The release will see the light of day on April 21, 2023 via Gates Of Hell Records.

Comments the band: “Gates Of Hell Records wanted to repress our first EP on vinyl, something we always refused to do since its 2015 release. The label then offered us a new alternative with this anthology idea with all the original titles released between 2015 and 2018 because there is a real demand. The project thrilled us, but we wanted additional elements. The disc is an artifact for us — a precious asset that we wish to leave in the original version because it is a witness of our beginnings and an object cherished by all those who supported us by buying it at the time.”

Prémices will include all cuts from the band’s 2015 self-titled EP and 2018 split with IRON SLAUGHT.
The anthology will also be affordable for fans who have paid exorbitant fees for the original versions.
“The prices for the original EP on certain reference sites are simply ridiculous,” says the band. “We wanted everyone who discovered us with ‘Le berceau des dieux’ to access what we had released in previous years. So that the first fans can also have something fresh, we added a new mastering made by Javi Félez Rodriguez and a new cover created by Viltisvm, an Indonesian artist. Annick Giroux took care of the layout, too. Also, the song ‘Shaman’ which was only released on the CD version and a 7” will be on ‘Prémices’.”

The first ten years have helped the members of TENTATION discover new sides to themselves. It has also set up them up for future success — the band is just starting to think about new songs to follow up “Le berceau des dieux”.

“We have established a strong friendship, accepting each other’s qualities and faults,” closes the bands. “Spending time together on the road has taught us to open up to each other and be more tolerant. These ten years have passed at breakneck speed and we are very happy and proud of this joint adventure that will bind us forever.”

L’Epreuve du Sang
Temps de Priere
Spectre de Lumiere
Juge Sanglant
Souviens Toi

‘Like A Frost-Covered Fist’: Philadelphia Blackened Thrashers WILD BEYOND Join GATES OF HELL RECORDS

Gates Of Hell Records is proud to announce the signing of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, blackened thrash metal outfit WILD BEYOND.

The band’s self-titled debut will be released on April 14 and will feature cover art from the acclaimed Adam Burke (ANGEL WITCH, ETERNAL CHAMPION, TEMPLE OF VOID). WILD BEYOND features guitarist/vocalist Edward Gonet (DAEVA, ex-INFERNAL STRONGHOLD), drummer Evan Madden (ex-WOE and WOODS OF YPRES) and bassist/keyboardist/guitarist Jimmy Viola.

The idea for WILD BEYOND was born in the middle of the Covid lockdown of 2020, when Gonet impulse-purchased a Randy Rhodes Flying V guitar and started composing after five years of not playing. A year later, with songs and riffs under his belt, Gonet was introduced to Viola and Madden through SONJA drummer Grzesiek Czapla. The trio set forth to compose a full-length album pulsing with destructive cosmic majesty and street metal overtones.

“Back in the day, I used to hang flyers around the city to find musicians to play with, and you never knew who would show up at your house,” says Gonet. “There are fucking mutants all over Philadelphia. I didn’t have to do that this time. The band came together rather effortlessly.”

It wasn’t long, either, that the band fell onto the radar of Gates Of Hell Records.

WILD BEYOND’s sound is influenced by the second wave of Norwegian black metal (DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL) and early thrash (SLAYER, SODOM), with VADER  and BATHORY thrown in for good measure.

“Black metal’s mysteriousness and the allure of darkness and evil made it an easy choice to pair with our love of thrash,” the band says. “We wanted to create a classic black metal record, but we also tend to play like speed demons.”

WILD BEYOND’s full length embodies the hyperactive imaginations, anxieties and aggressions of its personnel. This debut will inspire the metal legions to bang their heads, light ceremonial candles in seance, and summon malevolent forces from BEYOND.

“WILD BEYOND speaks to our classic inspirations, but I hope this record sounds like ‘us’ above all,” says Viola. “Eddie’s vocal venom and lyrics are one of a kind. Evan blasts like a battering ram, yet his drum parts are meticulously crafted. And the bass punches through like a frost-covered fist.”


Philadelphia Epic Metal Heroes BLAZON RITE Return With ‘Wild Rites And Ancient Songs’

Emerging Philadelphia epic metal heroes BLAZON RITE will release their second album, “Wild Rites And Ancient Songs”, on April 14 via Gates Of Hell Records.

Recorded in May 2022 with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Studios, “Wild Rites And Ancient Songs” is the highly anticipated follow-up to BLAZON RITE’s masterful 2021 debut, “Endless Halls Of Golden Totem”. With scores of ears awaiting the band’s new long player, guitarist James Kirn says BLAZON RITE rose to the challenge.

“We are really grateful for everyone who supported ‘Endless Halls Of Golden Totem’ and hope we made something that people will always go back to,” he says. “The only pressure I think we felt was to deliver something different and fresh from what we’ve already presented to the world. While I think the new album isn’t a huge departure, we did some things creatively with this record that differ from our first full length and push us forward. At times, we simplified things and set out to make songs more hard-hitting and powerful. We really took our time with this album and I think it shows in the quality of the overall product.”

Comprising seven cuts that dig into the ethos and essence of what true metal should be in 2023, “Wild Rites And Ancient Songs” boats BLAZON RITE’s now patented blend of strident guitar melodies and true metal persuasiveness. However, “Wild Rites” emerges as a more direct and catchy offering than its predecessor, something Kirn says was the goal from the start.

“I just wanted to try new things and explore different moods and feelings with this new album. We leaned in so many different directions on this release. We have some traditional power and epic metal elements, some NWOBHM parts, and even folk vibes. I really just wanted to give the listener a wholly memorable experience. We tried to simplify the lyrics and vocal melodies a bit to make them more impactful and anthemic as well. I also think the tones we achieved on this record are great and new for us. I want to mention that Pierson [Roe] took the solos and leads to a new epic place this time around.”

BLAZON RITE rapidly emerged as one of the new leading faces in the American traditional metal scene. The excitement and strong press surrounding “Endless Halls” was significant — and justified. This year promises to be a busy one for the band. Playing as many shows as possible behind “Wild Rites” will be the next step on BLAZON RITE’s epic metal journey.

“We are really amped to hear what everyone thinks of this new album and hopefully, the word spreads even more about us,” closes Kirn. “I think people will appreciate the polish and the development we’ve put on this album. Hopefully, we can get some buzz about the album and play some cool shows with some good lineups.”

“Wild Rites And Ancient Songs” track listing:

  1. Autumn Fear Brings Winter Doom
  2. Salvage What You Can Of The Night
  3. The Fall Of A Once Great House
  4. Mark Of The Stormborn Raiders
  5. Wild Rites And Ancient Songs
  6. Troubadours Of The Final Quarrel
  7. The Coming Tide Of Yule

Seattle’s SKELATOR To Release ‘Blood Empire’ EP and Reissue ‘King Of Fear’ On Vinyl In September

Seattle’s SKELATOR will release the new “Blood Empire” EP and reissue their fourth studio album, “King Of Fear” on Sept 23 via Gates Of Hell Records — a double-dose of epic speed metal!

The “Blood Empire” EP was recorded in September and October 2021 at the band’s rehearsal studio and home studios. The album was mixed by guitarist Robbie Houston, with mastering by Collin Jordan of The Boiler Room Mastering. The cover art was created by Max Nazaryan.

Like so many of their contemporaries, SKELATOR’s 2020 plans — including a tour in support of their 2019 “Cyber Metal” album — were thwarted by the pandemic. It prompted the band to hunker down and focus on new material while also dealing with a lineup change.

“We had the framework of a song called ‘Vengeance’ which later became ‘The First Empire’,’ says guitarist Rob Steinway. “This song was our catalyst for the rest of the songs that appear on the EP. During the first bit of 2020, we parted ways with our bassist and had our friend Leona [Hayward] join. Most of 2020 and 2021 were spent working on songs remotely, exchanging files, and recording demos until restrictions in our area were eased and we were able to rehearse in person again and actually record. After completing the music for ‘The First Empire’, we began working on ‘Good Day To Die’ as our second song, which went through several revisions as well but was also the first songs that had completely written music and lyrics before we even played through the entire thing in person as a group. ‘Deeds Of Honor’ and ‘Bloodwine’ were written and finished at the same time.”

Steinway describes “Blood Empire” as “less futuristic” sounding than “Cyber Metal”; drawing influence from the epic heavy metal and thrash influenced sounds of SKELATOR’s early releases and also notes the production is less pristine. Vocalist Jason Conde-Houston notes that “Cyber Metal” was inspired by German power metal bands GAMMA RAY, GRAVE DIGGER and PRIMAL FEAR with sci-fi and ’80s movies, whereas “Blood Empire” tackles new lyrical themes.

“The EP is straight-up inspired by Klingon lore from the entire ‘Star Trek’ franchise,” he says. “It’s a bit more primitive in nature, but still with some very technical skills involved. I’d say that the two epic journeys will impress more than we have in the past.”

“King Of Fear” will be brought to life on vinyl — a long overdue happening considering the number of requests SKELATOR fielded from fans to have the album on this format. The album has also been purposely re-mastered for vinyl and will feature expanded cover art.

“‘King of Fear’ had only been released on CD and digital download — we desperately wanted to release it on vinyl, but we struggled to find anyone that was wanting to work with us on that,” says Steinway. “At the time of its original release, we weren’t officially on any label, just collaborating with Swords & Chains Records to get the CD distributed. Every show we played, people always ask if we had ‘King Of Fear’ on vinyl yet, along with requests from people to our social media pages. I think we all have personally said, ‘Sometime soon; we really want to release it on vinyl’ hundreds of times. We approached Gates Of Hell with the idea and they were receptive and helped us bring it to life. The art we had is great on CD, don’t get me wrong, but having a larger version will really be a treat and the detail will stick out a lot more.”


Outside of the release of “Blood Empire” and reissue of “King Of Fear”, SKELATOR is also planning on making a return to the live stage.

“It’s been two years and I think our fans deserve to hear some Heavy Metal Madness once again,” says Conde-Houston. “We already have song ideas for the next release so there is no stopping this train. We will continue to deliver new material to the masses as long as there is oxygen in our lungs.”

“Empire Of Blood” track listing:


  1. Deeds Of Honor
  2. Good Day To Die
  3. The First Empire
  4. Bloodwine


“King Of Fear” track listing:


  1. King Of Fear
  2. Stronger Than Steel
  3. Temple Of The Witch
  4. Sword Of The Dawn
  5. Raging Demon
  6. Curse Of The Black Hand
  7. Test The Metal
  8. Honor Is Life
  9. Necromancer
  10. Master of the Universe (BONUS TRACK)