VULTURES VENGEANCE’s new track, “A Curse From Obsidian Realm” available

First track off upcoming VULTURES VENGEANCE debut EP ”Where The Time Dwelt In” is now available on YouTube.

VULTURES VENGEANCE is recommended for fans of early Omen, early Steel Assassin and early Liege Lord.
The EP contains 5 tracks for a total running time of around 30 minutes, out on Oct 14, 2016.

Available on compact disc, BLACK and LIMITED DEEP PURPLE vinyl, digital.

VULTURES VENGEANCE “Where The Time Dwelt In” out in October.

VULTURES VENGEANCE 30 minutes debut EP “Where The Time Dwelt In” will be out on Oct. the 7th in a strictly limited edition of 500 vinyls and 500 CDs,  featuring an awesome artwork by Lena Richter.


Pre-orders will start next week, as soon as we have a confirmation of the delivery date from the pressing plant.

VULTURES VENGEANCE has just been confirmed for their first show in Greece.  Don’t miss them at METAL FOR MUTHAS festival, Kittaro Club, Athens on Dec 17!


Legionnaire Promotional photo web
Finland’s traditional Heavy Metal band LEGIONNAIRE just signed a deal with Gates of Hell Records.
Debut full length album “Dawn of Genesis” will be out this fall on vinyl and CD.

If you like US metal from the mid 80s, epic metal, NWOBHM and early German metal, you will love Legionnaire.




November 2015, VULTURES VENGEANCE emerged  out of nowhere with “Rising”, a tape release limited to 150 copies.

The result was amazing, considering that the band has almost no internet presence. The tape sold-out in less than a month only by word of mouth, with a great, unexpected feedback, especially from Japan and Germany.

Compared to other bands devoted to the 80s sound, Vultures Vengeance has a darker and dustier approach. Also thanks to an appropriate recording, their compositions sound as if they’ve been just  found in a basement’s  lost box. Adding their personal share, the band shows a virtuoso quality not easy to be found elsewhere.

Their 30-minute debut EP “Where The Time Dwelt In” features an amazing artwork by Lena Richter and will be released on Gates of Hell Records on Oct 7, in a strictly limited edition of 500 compact discs and 500 vinyls.


Tyfon's Doom LP+CD+patch

“You just don’t find gems like this very often” (Metal Observer, 10/10)

The release of “Yeth Hound” (Gates of Hell Records) – first physical release for Finnish one-man band TYFON’S DOOM – is upon us!

The album’s official release date is June 10, but pre-order are already open on Cruz Del Sur Music store, and shipping of pre-orders will begin on May 27 (Friday).

In addition to the “Yeth Hound”EP ,the release includes TYFON’S DOOM “Demo 2015” and is available on limited (500 copies) CD and limited (300, hand-numbered) LP.
The digital version of the album can be found HERE:

Do not expect a polished sound; “Yeth Hound” offers the rawness and energy of uncontaminated heavy metal … Tommi Varsala has been able to write and perform an incredibly promising bunch of tracks, that every pure lover of Iron Maiden, NWOBHM, early Metal Church and Mercyful Fate will definitely appreciate.

In addition to the Compact Disc and Vinyl, there are also some woven patches available that you can find HERE:

Tyfon's Doom patch

TYFON’S DOOM: “Yeth Hound” release announcement !

is a new one man band from Finland that already drew  quite some attention with its obscure and unpolished style of traditional Heavy Metal.
Tommi Varsala, the man behind this project, captured the original spirit of metal like only a few other bands nowadays.
Though you can hear a lot of influences in his music, such as Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, early Metal Church and more, TYFON’S DOOM sounds incredibly fresh and personal.
With a brilliant songwriting, great guitar work and gritty vocal style, Tyfon’s Doom recreates a feel that is hard to come across these days.
Yeth Hound”’s release also includes TYFON’S DOOM “2015 demo” previously released only in digital format.

LP Limited edition of 300 copies, hand-numbered!
CD Limited edition of 500 copies.


Where the past is still present.